The Sky is the Limit' is an educational board game to make South African children aware of their future prospects and the consequences of gangs. In the game, children learn to invest in themselves by buying object, study and job cards. With these cards they can climb their career-paths and reach their dream jobs. Every card contains practical advice and information, which children can use to get their dream job in real life.


During the game, children also have to take the gang into account. The gang is always around to give players special offers. But joining the gang has it's consequences!

So players must constantly make the choice between working hard and getting their dream job or joining the gang and earn money in a way that puts them and the other players at risk.


This game is developed in Khayelitsha, one of the biggest slum area's in Capetown. The game is thoroughly tested on the Kwamfundu Primary School. To develope the game we spoke to a lot of different parties, like ex-gangsters at Young in Prison and talented youth at Ubuntu Talent Academy.


This product is currently produced by Luden's Lab.



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